• Health Services

    At Paulina Peak Family Healthcare your health and well-being is our primary concern. We believe in a strong patient-provider relationship and partner with you to provide the highest level of quality healthcare.






  • Health Services

    • Diagnose and treat illnesses

    • Prescribe medications if appropriate

    • Identify, treat, and manage chronic diseases

    • Order and interpret diagnostic tests such as x-rays and other imaging studies, blood work, and EKG's

    • Prescribe physical therapy, massage, and other rehabilitation therapies

    • Provide education to allow patients to make decisions about their own health

    • Perform procedures such as suturing, cryotherapy, skin biopsy

    • Women's and men's health services, annual wellness care

    • Refer to medical specialists as appropriate

    • Bio-identical hormones

    • Allergy testing

    • School physicals, immunizations, wellness care

    • Myriad Cancer Genetic Testing

    • Specialist in Hypophosphatasia

    • Cosmetics: Peels, Botox, Filler, Kybella, pharmacy grade skin care products

  • Specialized Services

    Women's Health Services

    Annual visits, lab work, referrals


    Bio-identical Hormones

    Plant-based testosterone and estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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    Medical Cosmetics

    Botox, Dysport, fillers

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    Allergy Testing & Treatment

    Blood draws, skin prick testing, immunotherapy, and allergy shots.


    Bioavailable Nutritional Supplements

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